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Hokkaido Lighthouse Whelk (Tsubugai) 北海道煮燈塔螺

Hokkaido Lighthouse Whelk (Tsubugai) 北海道煮燈塔螺

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ボイルツブ 灯台つぶ (北海道産) 


These whelks are precooked (boiled) and ready to eat!  Just defrost, rinse, slice and serve!  There are three types of whelk caught around Kushiro; namely, Neptune whelk, lighthouse whelk, and sand whelk. Neptune whelk is most often eaten as sashimi or in sushi. Lighthouse whelk and sand whelk are usually provided in their shell at izakaya or robata after being steamed in sake. Eaten as sashimi whelk produces a very sweet taste and crunchy texture.   


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