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Fresh Hokkaido Horsehair Crab 北海道新鮮毛蟹

Fresh Hokkaido Horsehair Crab 北海道新鮮毛蟹

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毛蟹は産地によって収穫の時期が異なるため、ほぼ1年中収穫が可能です。甲羅が堅くなり身が詰まった状態のオスのカニのことを「堅ガニ」といい、旬のものは高級品になります。 小ぶりながら濃厚な身と、クリーミーなミソが堪能できます。

Due to the long journey from Japan that's always a chance that it will not be live upon arrival. But we guarantee the crab is live at time of shipping from Japan.

The hairy crab (kegani in Japanese) or horsehair crab is found in the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan. It gets its name from the spiky hairs that cover its entire body. This little critter is smaller than the snow crab and the red king crab, making many people say it is more difficult to eat, but it has a dense , sweet flavor, making the effort of cracking open that shell well worth it. People who call themselves true crab lovers will often choose the horsehair crab. It is often boiled in saltwater to bring out its rich original flavor, then cut into sections and eaten by hand.

We recommend to boil in salt water or grilled: The meat of the crab tastes sweet, and the kanimiso (crab guts) can be eaten as well. 


「北海道毛蟹」全身滿布棕紅色細毛,煮熟後呈鮮艷橙紅色,是北海道獨有的野生蟹。毛蟹生長在1000米以下的深海,喜歡低溫,純淨的水域。一隻約 500g 的毛蟹需在純淨無污染的環境中歷經十年的時間才可長到如此的體型,無法人工繁殖,而每年漁獲量相當有限,所以更顯出其稀有珍貴。長年生長在極度寒冷的深海之下,讓毛蟹的肉質非常細緻,蟹膏香濃得來更帶有淡淡栗子香,是日本料理中非常高級的食材!!

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