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Dried Hokkaido Rausu Kinki 北海道羅臼喜知次一夜干

Dried Hokkaido Rausu Kinki 北海道羅臼喜知次一夜干

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きんき一夜干し (北海道羅臼産)

北海道羅臼産のメンメを開きにして一夜干ししてから急速冷凍しました。 脂のりが非常に良く、とても美味な高級魚として北海道では昔から親しまれてきました。中でも羅臼産は一級品とされてます。流氷のくる海、知床羅臼で獲れた本物のめんめの味を、ぜひ一度ご賞味ください!

In the days before refrigeration, bountiful catches of fish were traditionally gutted, either split down the back or butterflied (belly-split), and dipped in sea water before being set out to dry in well ventilated spaces. This would extend their shelf life considerably and also concentrate their flavor.

Kinki fish is considered a delicacy in Japan for their succulent and fatty white flesh. Tender, delicate, and sweet flesh that falls off the bone. Such an amazing fish from Hokkaido, Japan.  You will be amazed at how tasty it is even if you consider yourself a connoisseur. “Kinki” fish is a rockfish that is a rare fish found in Hokkaido. 

In Hokkaido, Rausu's Kinki is best of the best due to nutrient-rich and clean deep water in the region. 

Place fish flesh side up and broil until well browned.

『喜知次魚』被日本人視為最珍貴的魚類之一。它日本的地位相當高,與河豚、鮟鱇並稱日本三大魚。 喜知次魚是白魚中的帝王,擁有著高品質的魚脂肪,經過一夜干的處理會更加好吃。喜知次魚最大的魅力就是入口即融的美味魚脂肪。價格昂貴的喜知次魚,其品質最高、最有名氣又最受歡迎的就是羅臼產的喜知次魚。喜知次魚生活在深海中,而於羅臼外海營養豐富的深層水中孕育的喜知次魚擁有無與倫比的美味。不管煎煮炒炸燒烤都好吃,其魚骨頭更是熬煮美味高湯最棒的材料。

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