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Hokkaido Sasaya Shiokara 北海道笹谷商店鹽辛花枝

Hokkaido Sasaya Shiokara 北海道笹谷商店鹽辛花枝

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いか塩辛 釧路港 瓶150g


"Shiokara" is a traditional Japanese dish made from fermented seafood, typically squid, although other types of seafood such as fish or octopus can also be used. To make shiokara, the seafood is chopped into small pieces and then fermented with salt and its own viscera or guts. This fermentation process results in a pungent, salty, and sour flavor profile.

Shiokara is often enjoyed as a side dish or appetizer in Japanese cuisine, typically served with rice or as a condiment to accompany sake or other alcoholic beverages. It is prized for its intense umami flavor and is considered a delicacy by some.

鹽辛是日本最常見的漬物之一。 而“漬物”,是指用鹽或醬油醃製的醬菜或海鮮等。 鹽辛花枝是用花枝的內臟加以醃漬,因此入口會有比較重的鹹味與香氣,很適合用來當作下酒的小菜。

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