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Hokkaido Tachibana Premium Murasaki Uni 北海道橘頂級紫海膽

Hokkaido Tachibana Premium Murasaki Uni 北海道橘頂級紫海膽

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北海道橘ウニ 330g


*Seafood prices changes daily according to the market especially premium uni.  We will notify you if there are any changes after your order is placed. 

The Tachibana brand is well known throughout the world, they are one of the big 4 (Ranked 4) in bringing in high quality uni in Toyosu.  Freshly caught Murasaki Uni is a very light shade of yellow. It is also called Shiro(white) uni in the Toyosu markets and is famous for being much bigger in size and creamier.

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