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Iio Jozo Purple Sweet Potato Vinegar 飯尾紅芋醋

Iio Jozo Purple Sweet Potato Vinegar 飯尾紅芋醋

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私たち蔵人が毎朝、健康と美容のために飲むお酢栽培期間中 農薬不使用の国産の紅芋から紅芋酒を造り、さらに発酵と熟成を重ねて紅芋酢(紅酢)を造りました。抗酸化物質・ポリフェノールの一種「アントシアニン」を豊富に含むのでとても体に良く、アンチエイジングのために最適なお酢です。お水や炭酸水で薄めて健康ドリンクとしてお召し上がりください。肝臓にやさしいことから、お酒をよく飲む方にもおすすめいたします。また、鮮やかな紅色をいかして、大根やかぶらの酢漬け、ドレッシングにお使いください。梅酢のような、ひなびた懐かしい味わいがあります。
Take 2 to 4 tablespoons (30 to 60ml) of Purple sweet potato vinegar(With Honey) daily by diluting it with water, or soda. Be sure to add 4 to 5 parts water or soda for each part Purple sweet potato vinegar(With Honey). Avoid drinking on an empty stomach.

Boasting a beautiful deep red hue and an aromatic, slightly earthy flavor profile, this purple sweet potato vinegar from Iio Jozo is an excellent example of artisan vinegar at its finest. This high-quality Japanese condiment is made through a combination of traditional techniques and premium locally-grown ingredients. Made from just three components (water, purple sweet potato, and rice) you won’t find any preservatives, stabilizers additives, or artificial colors here, just 100% organic vinegar. As versatile as it is delicious, this sensational product is excellent for a wide range of preparations. Use it in anything from sauces, stews, and salads to pickles and sushi rice, even cocktails can benefit from the singularly delicious flavor of our purple sweet potato vinegar.


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