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Simmered Sand Lance (ikanago) 淡路島釘煮玉筋魚

Simmered Sand Lance (ikanago) 淡路島釘煮玉筋魚

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いかなごのくぎ煮 (香川県産)


Fish is caught at Yamaguchi prefecture and prepared in Awaji Island.

One of Awaji Island's famous item.  Our supplier has been in business for 6 generations! 

Ikanago no Kugini is a famous Tsukudani in Hyogo prefecture.  It is an old-fashioned local dish comprising of 2 - 4cm long ikanago (sand lance) that’s been simmered in sugar, soy sauce, mirin (sweet wine for cooking), and ginger. It got its name from how it looks when cooked – like a bent nail (nail is “kugi” in Japanese)! Ikanago can only be caught for a month, starting from late February each year.
By the time the open fishing season ends, which is around March, a lot of Ikanago no Kugini can be seen lining the racks of supermarkets and other shops. It is also popular as a souvenir. Try it on a bed of white rice or as a snack with alcohol!



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