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Japanese Lime Sudachi 德島名物酢橘

Japanese Lime Sudachi 德島名物酢橘

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すだち (徳島産)



Sudachi is citrus fruit native to Tokushima prefecture in Japan, and is also called “Citrus sudachi” as scientific name. As a feature of taste, sudachi has unique refreshing scent and fragrant sourness like a lime.

Small piece (slice or wedge) of sudachi served on a plate in order to add juice to the dish right before eating. The dish could be anything but usually sudachi juice matches so well with grilled fish, seafood sashimi, and Japanese stew.  Noodle dishes topped with bunch of thinly sliced sudachi have become popular these days.  It could be somen noodles, udon noodles, soba noodles, and even ramen.


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