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Japanese Red Seaperch (Mebaru) 新鮮目張魚

Japanese Red Seaperch (Mebaru) 新鮮目張魚

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Rockfish, or mebaru, is one of the primary fish found in the coastal waters of Japan. Characterized by their large bulged eyes, rockfish are highly prized species.  Goldeye rockfish have a bright orange color.  Grown in the resource rich and fast-current ocean, goldeye rockfish from the Tsugaru Strait have superb flesh and are highly appreciated in the market in Tokyo as a top-grade fish.  The fish is suited to be cooked whole in soy sauce as nitsuke or simply grilled because it has few small bones. However, the locals’ favorite is sashimi.

目張魚是一種眼大嘴大的白肉魚,在日本料理中算得上非常有人氣的高級魚種。多出產自瀨戶內海一帶,油分適中、肉質嫩滑、實淨而不腥,當地人喜愛用來做燒物及刺身,魚骨更可煮成拉麵或Shabu Shabu的湯底。

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