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Kaneninishi Bonito Flakes (Hanakatsuo) 本枯節鰹魚柴魚乾削片

Kaneninishi Bonito Flakes (Hanakatsuo) 本枯節鰹魚柴魚乾削片

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本枯節 花かつお  (鹿児島県山川産)


Bonito flakes dance atop a wide array of Japanese dishes, where they enhance the smoky, salty flavor of umami. Home cooks rely on katsuobushi to make dashi, a staple fish broth. Chefs and street vendors also top off popular dishes like okonomiyaki (a kind of savory pancake) and takoyaki (octopus-stuffed fried dough balls) with bonito flakes, and add them to the center of onigiri (stuffed rice balls). Home cooks rely on katsuobushi to make dashi, a staple fish broth.

Each pile of bonito flakes begins with a smoked and dried tuna.  Japanese manufacturers coat the tuna in a special type of mold and leave it in the sun to age for several months (or sometimes years).  Then they take the dried, hardened fish and start shaving.




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