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Kaneninishi Katsuo Dashi 鰹魚高湯原材料

Kaneninishi Katsuo Dashi 鰹魚高湯原材料

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かつおのかれぶしだし 100g


食塩、化学調味料、保存料、無添加。 国産鰹節100% たくさんの出汁を使うお客様におすすめ、大容量の使い切りタイプです 太平洋で獲れたての国産鰹を船上凍結、自社工場で一貫加工された本枯節を使用しています

100% made in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, this dashi powder boasts purity with no added salt, additives, or preservatives. As the raw foundation for creating katsuo dashi, it invites your creativity to flourish through basic seasoning. Miso soup, noodle soup, oden, you name it!

For optimal preparation, simply scoop your desired amount of dashi powder into loose teabags. Begin by cold water brewing the dashi ingredients before gently heating. Once boiled, promptly remove from heat and allow to simmer for 15 minutes. Remove dashi packs. Following this, customize your dashi's flavor profile with a blend of salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, and a touch of sweetness, such as maple syrup.

*Note: As ingredients may expand during cooking, fill teabags up to 50% capacity.

To maintain freshness, store any remaining dashi powder in a cool, dry environment, or for prolonged freshness, refrigerate.

Recommended usage ratio: 30g of dashi powder per 800ml to 1L of water, adjusting to taste preference.

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