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Japanese Tiger Prawn (kurumaebi) 新鮮車海老

Japanese Tiger Prawn (kurumaebi) 新鮮車海老

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Kuruma-ebi is a high-end ingredient in Japanese restaurants.  Kuruma ebi can be served raw (odori), but it is most often boiled.  In order to bring out the shrimp‘s most authentic flavour, the shrimps are kept alive until the very last moment, and cooked only minutes before being served to the customers.  The chef will skewer the shrimp using a wooden stick, and quickly boil it in water that contains salt and vinegar.  Just as the ebi starts turning red, it is removed from the water and chilled. The head (and sometimes tail) is then removed and the shell peeled. The shrimp's liver (ebi miso) is placed between the prawn and rice as it is rich in umami and adds a lovely creaminess to the bite. 



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