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Fresh Sea Bream Loin (Madai) 日本新鮮真鯛刺身

Fresh Sea Bream Loin (Madai) 日本新鮮真鯛刺身

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In Japan, Pagrus major is known as madai (真鯛, or "genuine tai") and is prized both for its flavor and for its traditional use as an auspicious food often served during Japanese New Year and festive occasions such as weddings.  With its simple flavor, madai complements all kinds of cuisine.  In addition to sashimi, madai is used in various cuisines including Japanese, Western and Chinese

The current madai market cannot be discussed without referring to farming. Most madai sashimi displayed at the supermarket is farmed.  A large proportion of farmed madai comes from Ehime followed by Kumamoto and Mie. 


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