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Japanese Style Marinated Sablefish (gindara) 日式銀鱈漬魚

Japanese Style Marinated Sablefish (gindara) 日式銀鱈漬魚

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銀だら漬け 100g 2切

銀鱈は白身魚ながら群を抜く脂質を持ち、 身質は柔らかく口の中でとろけるほどです。 焼けば香ばしさとまろやかな旨み、美味しさ溢れる漬け魚です。 西京味噌はそのまま焼くと焦げ付きやすいため、キッチンペーパーなどで拭き取ってから調理してください。

A classic Japanese dish, Black Cod in marinade is served at many formal Japanese restaurants baked to perfection.  Black Cod is a beautiful seafood dish you can pull off at home.  With its delicate and buttery texture, the Black Cod simply melts in your mouth.  Gently wipe off excess marinade from the fillet, (but don't rinse it off) grill or broil until well browned.

Sake kasu is a common sight in the fresh vegetable section of any grocery store in winter in Japan.   It is a by-product of Japanese sake production that has high nutritious values and provides health benefits.   Sake kasu is considered as a part of the Japanese "no waste" culture since the waste of the sake production is used in various ways.  Sake kasu also used in home cooking in many ways to create wonderfully complex flavored dishes during the winter sake brewing season. 

Saikyo Miso, an elegantly pale, mild, and highly versatile ingredient from Kyoto, has been used in a variety of both sweet and savory dishes in the Kyoto-style cuisine for centuries. It is mild and sweet, with less sodium than typical miso. Saikyo Miso can be used across a variety of dishes.  

打開袋子把多餘的漬物抹去(不要用水沖洗) 放進烤箱10-15分鐘後就可以上菜。 


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