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Miyazaki Kumquat (Kinkan) 宮崎金柑

Miyazaki Kumquat (Kinkan) 宮崎金柑

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Kinkan, known as Kumquat, originates from China.  It is like the petite version of mandarin orange and is best identified by its bright & shiny orange peel.  Crunchy and firm to the bite, its aromatic flavor when fully ripe can be experienced during winter times. Kinkan is often made in to preserves and jams.  Kinkans are also used as a natural remedy for symptoms of colds and flu. The fruits are traditionally smashed, mixed with ginger, salt, and honey, and steeped as a soothing tea.

Kinkans are an excellent source of fiber to regulate the digestive tract, vitamin A to maintain healthy organ functioning, and vitamin C to strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation. 

日本 "金柑" 相信有品嚐過的人一定不陌生,其外形就是我們所知道的"金桔","金柑"的特色="金桔"的外形+"金棗"的甜,在日本的細心改良栽培,和溫室的高成本種植,甜度及營養成份都不同於一般金桔,經濟價值相當高,所以在年節時,是相當搶手的日本當季水果之一,"金柑"有個特性,就是越大顆越好吃。 食用時請整顆連皮一起品嘗,才能品嘗到它的美味,因為甜度跟養份大部分都在果皮上,不會有一般金桔的酸味跟嗆的感覺,保證讓您口齒留香,是相當討喜的送禮果物。

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