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Miyazaki Kanjuku Mango 宮崎縣產完熟芒果

Miyazaki Kanjuku Mango 宮崎縣產完熟芒果

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Miyazaki mangoes are a highly prized variety of mangoes grown in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. Known for their exceptional sweetness, vibrant color, and rich flavor, Miyazaki mangoes are considered a premium fruit. They are often gifted and used in upscale desserts due to their quality and reputation.

What makes Miyazaki mangoes special is the care each fruit receives during the growing process. Grown in greenhouses, each Miyazaki mango is tended meticulously in the hope that it will grow and ripen into a perfect piece of fruit. In the greenhouse, each fruit is securely supported by strings set high above the plants to pull it toward the ceiling so that it receives as much sunlight as possible. Each mango is also wrapped in fine plastic mesh so the plant doesn’t break under the fruit’s weight and the fruit doesn’t fall to the ground and get damaged.

宮崎完熟芒果使用加溫溫室栽培技術,每一棵樹皆由經驗豐富的農夫管理及修剪。 芒果的收成時期難以掌握,若過早採收糖度會較低,如太難採收,芒果會掉到地上而受到損壞。所以農家將每一個芒果均以網包起,靜候在樹上完熟時自然掉落到網中,成為真正的「完熟芒果」。收成後,每一個宮崎完熟芒果,都經過光學糖度計測量不單甜味有保證,果肉芳香且味道濃厚又多汁,絕對是日本水果中的高級品

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