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Miyazaki Mango "Egg of the Sun" 宮崎縣產完熟芒果「太陽之子」

Miyazaki Mango "Egg of the Sun" 宮崎縣產完熟芒果「太陽之子」

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5L 650g以上
4L 510g~649g
3L 450g~509g
2L 350g~449g


The Eggs of the Sun undergo a distinctive grading process, ensuring they meet stringent criteria. Each mango must weigh over 350 grams on average, exhibit a sugar content of at least 16 brix, and possess flawless physical appearance devoid of any blemishes. Prior to exportation to destinations worldwide, the mangoes undergo rigorous quality assessment, with only the finest specimens earning the prestigious "Egg of Sun" designation, signifying unparalleled quality.

Miyazaki mango Egg of the Sun are meticulously handled to preserve their delicate nature. Each mango is individually wrapped before being shipped to market and retailers. These rich and juicy fruits are exclusively sent out when they have reached their peak ripeness.

宮崎完熟芒果有像蘋果一樣紅的外表和濃厚的芒果香味。 糖度高達15度、重量350g以上,表皮2/3以上為紅色的芒果,便是宮崎享負盛名的高級芒果「太陽之子」。宮崎氣候和暖,每年平均溫度達17.2度,一年裡的日照時間達到2108小時,非常適合種植芒果。

宮崎完熟芒果使用加溫溫室栽培技術,每一棵樹皆由經驗豐富的農夫管理及修剪。 芒果的收成時期難以掌握,若過早採收糖度會較低,如太難採收,芒果會掉到地上而受到損壞。所以農家將每一個芒果均以網包起,靜候在樹上完熟時自然掉落到網中,成為真正的「完熟芒果」。收成後,每一個宮崎完熟芒果,都經過光學糖度計測量不單甜味有保證,果肉芳香且味道濃厚又多汁,絕對是日本水果中的高級品

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