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Myoga Japanese Ginger 日本茗荷

Myoga Japanese Ginger 日本茗荷

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ミョウガに多く含まれるカリウムは、体内の塩分濃度を調節する役割があり、体外に余分な塩分を排出し、細胞の正常な活動を保つことができます。 この効果によって血圧を下げる働きもあると言われています。 その他にも骨や体を作るカルシウムや、マグネシウムも多く含んでいます。

Myoga is a traditional Japanese vegetable produced for fresh market consumption.  Myoga appears in a number of dishes, mainly as a garnish, in Japan. It is great simply sliced and added to green leafy salads, on top of steamed rice, cold noodles, miso soup, sunomono with rice vinegar dressing, tempura ... you name it. Myoga has a zesty tang and aroma, and its breezy sensation is a bit similar to the effect of mint.

Myoga's taste and aroma are sharper than ginger's, and they are at their height when myoga is fresh and immediately after being cut or sliced. When preparing myoga raw for a dish, make sure to slice or cut it at the end, ideally immediately before serving, to enjoy its distinctive qualities. When used in cooking, you can still enjoy the taste and smell of myoga but on a milder level.



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