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Nagasaki Loquat (biwa) 日本長崎枇杷

Nagasaki Loquat (biwa) 日本長崎枇杷

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Loquats have a sweet tropical flavour with a spicy, somewhat acidic undertone. It tastes like a cross between an apricot, an apple, and a pineapple, but it also tastes like another fruits. When fully matured, the texture varies from firm and crunchy to a delectable peach-0like texture. The flesh has a beautiful floral scent that develops stronger as the fruit ripens. Also fruits with bruised skins are usually the best, but avoid green ones since they are unripe, sour, and astringent.

初夏登場的水果就屬枇杷非吃不可了,日本長崎早生批杷 花期早,著果率高,不易裂果,甜度最高16度。 果實有淡淡的蘋果香,長崎縣不僅產量是日本枇杷最大產地,同時也是長崎縣的代表水果,可以說是初夏的絕對美味,由其在古時可說是珍貴的高級稀有水果,擁有優雅的甜感與清新滋味。

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