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Ogawa Hamanaka Premium Bafun Uni 小川浜中養殖高級馬糞海膽

Ogawa Hamanaka Premium Bafun Uni 小川浜中養殖高級馬糞海膽

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Hamanaka is a kelp town that boasts one of the largest kelp production in Japan.  At the nearby water, where high-quality kelp flourish, it provides quality food and living environment for sea urchins.  In recent years, the sea urchin aquaculture business has become popular.  Sea urchins are fed with kelp as food to raise them from juveniles, and the fully grown ones are shipped to the market.  It is highly rated as a premium quality product both in both taste and appearance, and is auctioned for high prices at Toyosu Market.


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