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Premium Frozen Hokkaido Scallops 急凍北海道刺生級大号元貝

Premium Frozen Hokkaido Scallops 急凍北海道刺生級大号元貝

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The best sashimi grade Hokkaido scallop from Japan.  It's not just big in circumference it's also thick and surprisingly sweet throughout. There's no weird taste or fishiness. If you like scallop please don't miss out on this.  Our supplier has a CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) inspected cold storage and custom package facility in Vancouver BC. 

"These Pacific Ocean scallops are
harvested off the coast of Hokkaido,
Japan and frozen on the same day of
harvest to guarantee the highest quality
sashimi grade. The Hokkaido sea scallops
are known for their sweet flavour and
tender texture."

We highly recommend to defrost in fridge over night.  (do not soak in water) Take it out of the fridge a least 20 mins in room temperature prior to serving for best result.

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