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Awaji Island Preserved Wakame Seaweed 淡路島新鮮鹽醃裙帶菜

Awaji Island Preserved Wakame Seaweed 淡路島新鮮鹽醃裙帶菜

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塩蔵生わかめ 漁師の手仕込み (淡路産)

『やわらかいのにプリッとして美味しい』 と、ご好評いただいているわかめです。

Farmed and prepared by fishermen at Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture.

Awaji Island Wakame seaweed - soft and silky

Fresh wakame seaweed is best to go with noodle soup or hotpot.  All you need to do is to rinse off the salt like you normally wash rice (3 times) and it’s ready to go!  Do not soak. Cook time varies depending on how you like it.  My personal favorite is to go with hotpot around 10 seconds cook time in boiling soup.

They are 100% naturally grown, no pesticide and no preservatives. Only sea salt is used for preservation. It can be stored in fridge for a minimum of 9 months. Avoid direct sunlight.



**** 裙帶菜跟昆布不一樣不適宜煮太久***



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