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Rainbow Red Kiwi Fruit 日本彩虹奇異果

Rainbow Red Kiwi Fruit 日本彩虹奇異果

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Rainbow Red kiwis are seasonally available in the fall in Japan.  They are known for their high sugar content, sometimes averaging as high as 17 Brix, and lack the tangy, sour flavors commonly associated with green kiwi. The fruits have a candy-like sweetness combined with fruity, sweet berry, and tropical flavors.

**Rainbow kiwis will need 5 to 10 days of ripening until it is very soft to touch to reach it's full sweetness**

Rainbow Red kiwis have a sweet flavor with tropical undertones well suited for fresh preparations. The kiwis can be sliced in half and consumed straight, out of hand, scooping the flesh with a spoon, or they can be peeled and sliced into green salads, fruit mixes, or grain bowls.

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