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Sasachou Original Tsuyu 佐々長原味醬汁

Sasachou Original Tsuyu 佐々長原味醬汁

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老舗の味 つゆ


Established in 1906, Sasachou is a maker of high quality miso, soy sauce and soup base, with a motto "quality first".  This product is 100% natural without the use of any addictive or preservative.

Tsuyu sauce is a soy sauce-based solution that is usually blended with mirin (sweet sake), cooking sake, sugar, and dashi. Literally translated as “noodle sauce”, mentsuyu is originally designed to season noodle dishes like soba, udon, and somen. However, since it’s a soy sauce filled with dashi, using it for dishes other than noodles has become common nowadays, so it’s actually a versatile item that pairs well with any cuisine.

To use tsuyu in a hot noodle soup, dilute it with water, heat it up, then pour over boiled noodles.  For cold noodle dipping sauce, the tsuyu is diluted with water, then serve with chilled noodles.

Recommended usage ratio:
As a noodle dipping sauce, tempura sauce - 1 to 5~6 portions of water
As a noodle soup base - 1 to 9~12 portions of water

創業於 1906 年的岩手老字號店,佐々長醸造的鰹魚汁。採用岩手縣非基因髮改變造大豆、小麥、大米長時間發酵熟成的無添加醬油與大量鰹魚乾製成的超濃縮高湯汁。 採用比正常份量多4倍陳釀醬油混合而成。

可分別稀釋 5 至 6 倍或 9 至 12 倍混合成不同味道的湯底。無添加,可原汁原味地享受鰹魚風味。


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