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Shizuoka Tamaruya Wasabi Tube 静岡田丸屋山葵醬

Shizuoka Tamaruya Wasabi Tube 静岡田丸屋山葵醬

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本わさび 瑞葵

Once you've tried real wasabi, you'll never go back to the horseradish tube! It's perfect with sushi, sashimi, buckwheat noodles, and even steak—give it a try!

  • Made from real wasabi.
  • No coloring or horseradish added.
  • Sharp, pungent, fiery flavor that dissipates within a few seconds in your mouth.
  • Brings out more flavors to your food.

田丸屋 本店 是日本品質數一數二棒的天然山葵醬,成立以來在日本得過無數大大小小的獎項,許多餐廳指定使用,也有很多商品找他們合作推出聯名(燒烤店、漢堡、速食麵、御飯糰....等);它們家的山葵醬無農藥、無肥料、無著色、無香料,入口的味道天然爽口,是天然上等山葵的香氣,輕柔地襯托食材的鮮味,非常適合搭配各種料理使用。(不會有化學的嗆鼻味!)

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