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Candied Sardines (tazukuri) 日式蜜汁小魚乾

Candied Sardines (tazukuri) 日式蜜汁小魚乾

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田作り 150g (山口県産)


One of Awaji Island's famous item.  Our supplier has been in business for 6 generations! 

Tazukuri is a very popular dish for Osechi Ryori and it is made of roasted baby sardines coated in a sweet soy sauce glaze. Cooked in low heat over a frying pan with sesame seeds, these baby sardines are then tossed in sake, soy sauce, sugar, and honey until caramelized and crispy. They are sweet, deeply savory, and even meaty, which make them such delicious snack to enjoy along with the other delicacies served during the new year.



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