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Tokushima Handa Somen 德島半田素麺

Tokushima Handa Somen 德島半田素麺

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“もっちりさ”と“小麦本来の味わい”を感じられる、国産小麦100% 半田手延べそうめんです。北海道産小麦ならではの、小麦粉本来の「味、香り、うまみ」を感じることができます。そして、なめらかな舌触りと、つるりとしたのど越し、強いコシは、伝統製法と職人の技術によって生み出されるものです。麺好きの方ならすぐに味の違いにお気づきいただけると思いますので、是非一度ご賞味ください

Handa somen noodles are known for their chewy texture and smoothness, which is achieved through a traditional production process. They are often enjoyed as a refreshing and light meal on hot summer day. Handa City has a long history of somen noodle production, and its somen noodles are highly regarded for their quality and flavor.

After boiling the noodles in plenty of hot water (appx 4 mins), drain them in a colander, rinse them under cold running water, drain them, then it's ready! It can be serve not only as "chilled somen" but also as "nyumen" (somen noodle soup). 



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