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Toyama Dried Persimmon (Hoshigaki) 富山柿干

Toyama Dried Persimmon (Hoshigaki) 富山柿干

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Hoshigaki, or Japanese dried persimmons as we know them in English, are a popular seasonal Japanese snack food made primarily during the autumn months when you can spot persimmon trees laden with their brightly colored orange fruits throughout the country and in supermarkets.  In Japan, hoshigaki are said to bring good luck and are often eaten on New Year’s Day in a custom known as Hagatame in Japanese.

Hoshigaki can be eaten on its own as a snack or used in other dishes. When eaten by itself, it is often served with green tea, with the hoshigaki providing a sweet-tasting contrast to the bitter matcha. It can also be used in salads or added into desserts such as cakes and ice cream and is a popular ingredient in wagashi – traditional Japanese sweets.

富山柿干外表橙黃色的就像金色鈴鐺般。由日本富山縣的新鮮「福蜜柿」保留著20%的水份,並以高科技設備遠紅外線乾燥機所烘乾製作,無添加任何糖與人工添加劑心保留新鮮柿子原有的香味 比起新鮮柿子的甜度相比更是不減反加,有超濃郁的柿香味。製作過程中以不斷重複烘乾、捏壓、殺菌、包裝、冷凍,粒粒嚴選,品質保證。

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