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Wakayama Kentaro Mikan 和歌山賢太郎蜜柑

Wakayama Kentaro Mikan 和歌山賢太郎蜜柑

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These famous and well-loved Japanese mandarins are grown on the terraced mountain slopes in Arida, a city in Wakayama Prefecture, are known for being some of the nation's tastiest. They have a soft, orange color peel, plump juicy flesh, and the ideal balance between sweet and sour. Season is from October and December.

和歌山縣有田地區的蜜柑產量全日本第一,特點是皮薄、甜度高、香味濃郁,甜酸味比率適中,是全日本最美味的柑橘。有田蜜柑已有450年以上的栽培歷史,每年 10-12月是橘子採收的季節。

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