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Yabuzuka Kodama Watermelon 群馬藪塚小玉西瓜

Yabuzuka Kodama Watermelon 群馬藪塚小玉西瓜

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Yabuzuka Kodama Watermelon is produced in the famous watermelon Yabutsuka production area in Gunma Prefecture 群馬県 . It has a crispy texture and strong deep sweetness. It is in season from early March to early July, then from October to early November. It is a smaller watermelon with light pink flesh and thin skin, with lesser seeds compare to larger watermelons. It is recommend to keep it in the refrigerator no longer then 2 hours before serving. You cannot taste the full sweetness if it is too cold!

群馬藪塚小玉西瓜外表飽滿有光澤,西瓜紋隔得較開、深淺清晰,果皮薄,切開後果肉呈淡粉紅色。建議在2小時食用前將保存在冰箱中。 如果太冷無法品嚐到完整的甜味。

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