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EnglishKitchen® Award Winning Marmalade 日本全天然獲獎果醬

EnglishKitchen® Award Winning Marmalade 日本全天然獲獎果醬

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EnglishKitchen®はイギリス・ダルメインのマーマレードコンテストで8年連続、合計31の金賞受賞。 イギリステイストのマーマレード、ジャム、チャツネ等の保存食を丁寧に作っています。


柚子& 橙
ユズ&青黄梅with 梅リキュール

EnglishKitchen® Yuzu marmalade sounds absolutely exquisite! Made with locally sourced ingredients from Japan, and with a commitment to 100% natural production without additives or preservatives, it's a testament to quality and authenticity.

Winning five Gold Awards at the World Marmalade Awards in Dalemain, UK, on March 25th, 2023, is an incredible achievement. To consistently win gold awards for eight consecutive years, totaling 31 gold awards since 2016, speaks volumes about the exceptional taste and craftsmanship of this marmalade.

With such accolades and a dedication to using high-quality ingredients, it's no surprise that Tokushima Kito Yuzu marmalade is celebrated for its outstanding flavor and quality. It's undoubtedly a must-have for any connoisseur of fine marmalades.

Marmalade Award in Dalemain, UK- 

​The World's Original Marmalade awards, a global marmalade competition held annually at Dalemain in the Lake District of England. Marmalade submitted to the Artisan (Professional) category will be judged and evaluated as Double Gold, Gold, Silver or Bronze. marmalade was also sold at the Dalemain Marmalade Festival.

English Kitchen® 連續8年在英國 Dalemain 的 Marmalade Awards 中獲得總計31枚金牌。

柚子 & 橙子
柚子 & 橙子 & 土佐佛手柑
柚子 & 梅酒

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