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Fresh Seabream (Madai) 新鮮野生真鯛

Fresh Seabream (Madai) 新鮮野生真鯛

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In Japan, red seabream was traditionally eaten during auspicious or celebratory occasions – during the New Year, or at weddings. The reason for that is that the sound of the word “tai” reappears in the word “medetai,” meaning "auspicious."

Madai has a brilliant red skin, firm and translucent white flesh and a sweet taste. Wild madai is available from winter through spring. It is difficult to catch as the fish does not form schools, making it a luxury product.   Madai is used as sashimi and on sushi, and also popular grilled (usually the whole fish). Chunks of madai may be added to clear soups (suimono), larger pieces to one-pot dishes (nabemono). Kabutoni (the simmered head of the fish) is considered a delicacy. Pieces of sea bream can also be steamed with white rice to make tai-meshi.


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