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Hokkaido Sake Kasu Wild Salmon Belly 北海道野生三文魚腩酒粕漬

Hokkaido Sake Kasu Wild Salmon Belly 北海道野生三文魚腩酒粕漬

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ハラス 純米吟醸粕漬け  (北海道産)


If you’re familiar with sushi, then you may have heard of ‘toro’.  Well, this is the ‘toro’ of the salmon (toro is just belly meat).  Salmon belly by itself does taste pretty plain, but don’t worry!  This recipe here will bring out the best flavors from the salmon belly and all of its omegas!  Since it is pre seaseoned so all you need to do is to grill or broil until well browned.


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