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Ishimago Hyakuju Cedar Barrel Soy Sauce 石孫百寿丸大豆木桶醤油

Ishimago Hyakuju Cedar Barrel Soy Sauce 石孫百寿丸大豆木桶醤油

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丸大豆醤油 百寿 300ml


Ishimago's Hyakuju is a soy sauce with a rich, deep flavour and rich aroma packed with deliciousness from its cedar barrel aging.  It is a versatile all purpose soy sauce that enhances the taste of foods, such as adding it to cooked dishes or mixing it with vinegar as a condiment to gyoza dumplings. 

This is a traditional high-quality soy sauce that uses only Japan domestic soybeans from Yuzawa, local wheat from Akita, sun-dried coarsely ground salt, and Ishimago’s own fresh well water.  The soybeans are not crushed, but remain whole during our fermenting processes.  Ishimago remain true to the traditional methods of utilizing large four meter wide wood barrels that sit side by side in a nationally registered cultural property.  It is a natural brewed soy sauce that has been stubbornly preserved in the traditional methods of manufacture.

嚴選使用秋田湯澤市生產的大豆,秋田縣生產的小麥以及日曬製作的天日鹽,熟成於使用了百年的雪松木桶中。適合配合蔬菜, 豆腐, 餃子, 烏冬, 蕎麥麵進食。無添加, 無人造化合物, 防腐劑和人造色素。

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