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Japan Snow Crab Matsuba Gani 日本新鮮松葉蟹

Japan Snow Crab Matsuba Gani 日本新鮮松葉蟹

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The adult male snow crab is known as Matsuba-gani and is Tottori’s quintessential winter food, packed with meat and delicate flavour. The Matsuba crab is caught from early November into March in the Sea of Japan’s high winter waves.  The chewy meat inside the great shells of this crab is outstanding boiled or grilled.  Boiling is the most popular method, but stewed or in broth like sukiyaki, in porridge or grilled are all delicious.  The rich innards (Kani Miso) are also a perfect accompaniment to sake or rice.

松葉蟹被稱為三大蟹王飽滿多肉,肉質滑嫩彈牙,鮮甜多汁,蟹膏香濃甘香。其蟹身呈啡金色,平均一隻約重1至1.8公斤,肉質軟滑、味道最鮮,蟹膏香濃。 要細味松葉蟹的鮮味,最佳食法是凍食,先將活蟹灼熟,再以冰敷降溫,才能吃出食材之鮮美。另外其蟹身亦適合用作打邊爐,蟹腳則不論燒烤、火鍋以至刺身亦一樣得宜。
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