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Japanese Snow Crab (Echizen Gani) 日本新鮮越前蟹

Japanese Snow Crab (Echizen Gani) 日本新鮮越前蟹

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Ask anybody in Fukui and they will tell you that Echizen Gani are the “taste of winter.” Echizen Gani are a type of male snow crab (zuwaigani) caught in the waters off Fukui. Famous for its tightly packed, delicate and sweet flavored flesh—particularly their rich crab livers—these crabs are widely considered to be the best crabs in Japan.  As such, it is the only crab in the whole country that has been dedicated to the Imperial family.

The secret to the delicious nature of Echizen Gani is the unique geography of the Echizen coast and the optimal environment it presents for crabs with abundant food and perfect sea temperatures. Fishing from Echizen Port is made easy by the proximity of the best fishing grounds only an hour or two from port. This ability to bring the catch to market so easily has resulted in Echizen being the busiest fishing port in Fukui. 




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