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JAS Certified Organic Komatsuna 日本JAS認證有機小松菜

JAS Certified Organic Komatsuna 日本JAS認證有機小松菜

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えぐ味が無く葉から茎までミネラルが凝縮されています。⽕を通すと、とろける感覚です。生のまま小さく刻んで納⾖と混ぜても美味しく頂けます有機栽培特有の野菜本 来の味が濃く、美味しく現れやすくなります。ハウスでの周年栽培ですので、⼀年を通して供給できます。

Since it makes such a perfect spinach substitute, it’s hard to believe that Komatsuna is actually a mustard! The leaves combine the best qualities of spinach and mustard, with a mild and sweet flavor reminiscent of spinach but with the immensely powerful nutrition of a mustard! Frequently referred to as one of the “most underrated” leafy greens, komatsuna is simply mouth watering. This leafy green is incredibly delicious, mild and tender. It holds superfood status in its native Japan, as it contains nearly twice as much calcium as whole milk per 100 grams! 


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