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JAS Certified Organic Mizuna 日本JAS認證有機水菜

JAS Certified Organic Mizuna 日本JAS認證有機水菜

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有機栽培特有の野菜本来の味が濃く、えぐ味が無く美味しくシャキシャキで繊維質は柔らかく四季を通していただけます。ハウスでの周年栽培ですので、 ⼀年を通して供給できます。

Mizuna is soft, and crisp and is naturally suitable for hot pot dishes, but also good for salads. It represents one of Kyoto’s vegetables (Kyo-Yasai), which can be enjoyed all year round. It has deep-cut leaves as its main characteristic. Mizuna has very thin, delicate, white leaf stalks, which contrasts beautifully with the green.  


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