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Kito Yuzu Citrus Juice 德島木頭柚子汁

Kito Yuzu Citrus Juice 德島木頭柚子汁

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木頭ゆず果汁  保存方法 要冷蔵(10℃以下)


100% fresh squeezed! This juice is most commonly used in drinks, cocktails and also as a dressing for desserts. It can also be added to many different dishes such as salad, soups, fish, giving a unique fresh yuzu taste.  No artificial flavoring, no additives, and no preservatives.

Just as the scent of Yuzu suggests, the acidity of Yuzu fruit juice is very high, and is outstanding among citrus flavors.  The fruit juice are excellent sources of nutrition; especially rich in calcium, vitamins, and contain many other nutritional ingredients.

Kito Yuzu ’s characteristics of aromal and sourness can’t be seen in other strands of the Yuzu citrus fruit. The reason we can produce Yuzu with a strong aroma is due to the height above sea level. Yuzu are planted 300-500 meters above sea level in the basin between mountains. Also we have a lot of rainfall. (The Kito Area holds the record for the highest annual rainfall in Shikoku and the highest short-term rainfall nationally.)
Keep refrigerated. Shake well before each use.

夏天最高氣溫 40℃,冬天最低氣溫 -10℃,冷熱溫差大,積雪少,雨水充沛,朝晚霧氣多,這樣的氣候孕育出來的果實,有濃郁的芬芳、酸味和甘甜。
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