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Okinawa Preserved Sea Grapes 沖繩鹽漬海葡萄

Okinawa Preserved Sea Grapes 沖繩鹽漬海葡萄

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Sea grapes are preserved by pickling them in salt, which extends their shelf life significantly.
While fresh sea grapes typically have a short shelf life of around 5 days after harvest, this preserved variety can be stored in a cool, dark place (ideally in the refrigerator) for up to 2  years. When rehydrated with water, it expands to five times its original size.

Instructions: Prepare a bowl and a strainer. Drain the saltwater from the sea grapes. Then, soak the sea grapes in a bowl of clean water for about 2-3 minutes. After soaking, give the sea grapes a quick rinse under the tap, and they are now ready to be enjoyed.


本製品以高濃度的鹽水醃漬。 故此比一般生的海葡萄相比,溫度較為彈性,更容易在市面流通。 準備碗和隔篩,把海葡萄的鹽水去掉,在碗中倒入水道水,然後放入海葡萄,浸泡約2-3分鐘,再把海葡萄放入隔篩,並以流水沖洗後即可享用。
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