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Wild Black Abalone 天然黒鮑魚 (Please see description)

Wild Black Abalone 天然黒鮑魚 (Please see description)

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*In light of recent regulatory adjustments affecting the exporting of wild abalones from Japan, we kindly request a minimum of 2 weeks processing time for your order. Thank you for your understanding.

*Please keep in mind abalones will lose some body mass during transit and that is completely normal.
For example, a 280g abalone will be appx 260g-240g when it arrives in Vancouver.  We will charge based on the actual weight at time of shipping. 

*Please note that all prices provided are approximate and may be subject to change based on market conditions.  

Awabi, or abalone, is a large sea snail with a crisp but chewy texture that tastes much akin to a squid or a scallop. Unlike other shellfish, awabi is best savored in early summer and can be eaten raw, steamed, boiled, or grilled.  When it is served raw as sashimi, awabi flesh is sliced thinly and eaten with soy sauce. Awabi sashimi has a crispy texture and since awabi mainly eat seaweed, tastes of the sea. Japanese people especially appreciate the bitter taste of the green liver. Baked awabi is prepared and served as steak. Butter and soy sauce are often used to enrich the flavor, and the cooked flesh has a softer texture. Sake and wine go well with it.

這是日本壽司屋最常用的鮑魚,日本饕客喜歡生食時,那喀喀聲的咬勁。 一般以作為刺身與水貝最具特色。牠的咬勁、香味、旨味最好,作為煮貝或鐵板燒也是很好吃。 



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